Agape is a Leading Insurance Company

Agape Life Inc is an Life insurance Associated General Agency owned by Terrance Rajah.Terrance Rajaj is an award winning and one of the leading Insurance advisor of Life 100 who would continue to a leading MGA in the business of Agape life.

Our History & Purpose

I am Terrance Rajah and the President of “Agape Life Inc.” a new insurance and investment brokerage that I have formed.  I am also an Insurance advisor.  I do not SELL you insurance!  I provide families with peace of mind to know that their futures are secure.

Prior to becoming an insurance advisor, I worked with retailers all over North America and Europe, and truly enjoyed working with clients and building relationships. My experience led to solid results and success.  I acquired a tremendous amount of knowledge with a focus on diversity in serving clients in over 22 countries.  Listening, understanding, and adapting to the many cultures has equipped me with the knowledge in the insurance arena.

What led me to become an insurance advisor was a scary and unexpected event.  On a late-night walk after work, I was held up by 3 men at gun point.  It was through a sheer miracle that I was able to walk away from that incident unharmed.  This incident caused me to think me future and my loved ones, which resulted in me purchasing my first life insurance policy.

In 2015 I stepped into the insurance field as an Insurance Advisor with Life 100 Insurance & Investments, after realizing that there were opportunities for professional and knowledgeable insurance advisors. The key question I always asks is, “When life happens, how prepared are you?” I then counsel you on how to be prepared.

My accomplishments have been recognized by insurance companies, as well as my previous brokerage, ‘Life 100 Insurance & Investments’ over the years. I have received many accolades including the “Award of Excellence” which is the highest award for being the best in all aspects as an Insurance advisor, as well as the “Top Producer” award multiple times.

In this next phase of my career, I have started my own insurance brokerage called “Agape Life Inc.”  My focus will be to recruit and train talented young people who aspire to be the next generation of financial advisors.

Now more than ever as we witness the hardships caused by the Covid-19 global pandemic we realize the need to plan for our futures.  Life may be unpredictable, but we don’t have to be unprepared.

I am always happy to provide you with the right information, and counsel you to secure a bright future.